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What's New

Take a look at the new features and enhancements.



Beam Takeoff: 

Now you can takeoff beams visually. End connections, stiffeners, copes and dimensions are automatically applied.


Machine Setups:    

In addition to the existing labor codes, you now have the ability to apply specific machine setup labor to your estimates.



Automatically apply material and labor assemblies to your estimates.

Project Management


Division 5 Software is now available in a single Project Management module for detailers.

It provides all of the tools they need to manage the many projects they have going at a price they can also manage.



Division 5 now provides an in-depth checklist to track and document each phase of the project management process.


Memos and RFI's 

Memos and RFI's communicate with Microsoft Outlook.



Shop drawings status, the material on the drawings and the Shop Drawing Log can be updated by sending a transmittal.

Transmittals now also communicate with Microsoft Outlook.


Work in Process:         

In addition to the detailed job cost report, which compares the estimated costs to the actual expense, you now can also create a "work in process" report showing the current status of all projects. Among other things, this report includes the following percentages.

Material Ordered
Material Received
Material Fabricated
Estimated Labor Hours Used
Material Loaded
Material Shipped
Invoiced To Date


Production Management

Shop Bills:

The shop bill of materials now has a history feature that allows you to see all of the changes that have been made to any piece of material.


Fabrication Log:

Weekly shop fabrication log forms can be created for the shop or individual employees.





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